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Hi, I am The Riddlemaster. 'Tis nice to meet you. My American dream is simple, to someday stand in my space station orbiting our sweet planet Earth, with a pool of blood to my knees, my finger hovering above the button to end it all, with a grin on my face, because I told you since the beginning I would press the button if ever given the chance.

I'm a madman, a fool, an entity of pure evil, and a complete figment of your twisted imagination. Please seek medical attention immediately. (A bad joke I realize. But I won’t cross it out. I wrote it because I thought it would be very witty. Now that I see I wanted to show off horribly, I deliberately won’t cross it out.)

A Calm Mind

Heretics' Book Club


This screen shot is a post-modern art masterpiece.

"All my life I’ve been searching, wondering, talking without meaning or context. It has been nothing. Yes, I say this without bitterness or self-reproach, as I know that almost all of people’s lives are made this way. My heart is empty. And emptiness is a mirror turned to my own face. I see myself and am seized with disgust and fear. Through my indifference for people, I’ve been placed outside of their society. Now I live in a ghost world, enclosed in my dreams and imaginings.” | Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal